Rod Schumacher

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Principal, Facilities Planning and Development
With backgrounds in both business and accounting, Rod brings more than 15 years of experience working directly with school districts, helping each unique community balance cost-effective, sustainable solutions with the ever-evolving needs of students and staff. His expertise in environmental, health, and safety programs compliment his work providing facility planning, maintenance, operations, as well as budgeting and financing options supporting districts across the Midwest. Focused on building positive client relationships, Rod helps ISG’s education partners identify critical issues early on in the planning process, ensuring a successful project outcome and facilities that serve them well into the future.

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Corporate Community Involvement Builds Partnerships

Due to direct relationships and intimate understandings, resident philanthropic organizations are often well-positioned to rally the communities they serve to provide solutions to local challenges, creating valuable partnership opportunities between non-profits, cities, and school districts. By integrating unique engagement efforts into school organizations - teachers, principals, architects, engineers, and everyone in between can help make educational institutions a success from the community core outward to support positive 21st century plans.