Growing up in Mankato area, Employee Welfare Manager Jenny Adams has always been impressed with ISG’s community involvement and engagement. So when the opportunity came to become an employee-owner in July, 2017, Jenny was on board! Now she spends part of her days helping other people onboard with the company, explaining benefits and firm policies, in addition to implementing safety initiatives and assisting employee-owners in their success at the firm. Let’s learn more about Jenny’s caffeine craze and positive attitude!

What is a common misperception about being an Employee Welfare Manager?

That it’s boring or dull, or the “compliance police.” Not exactly true! Being able to assist employee owners in their success, whether it’s related to benefits, safety, or some other project that needs attention, is both rewarding and exciting! While some of my responsibilities fall into that category of helping protect ISG from risks that could hurt the firm’s reputation, or cause punitive fines from a regulator or other authority, my role is to support the firm through every individual employee owner.  I love that each day is different and there are always new projects to work on, along with interacting with ISGers across our four states!

What do you do to stay ahead of the curve in the Employee Welfare field?

I am certified through the HR Certification Institute as well as the Society for Human Resource Management. With those certifications, I have to obtain 60 continuing education credits every three years, so I do this by attending various conferences/seminars. None of which are boring by the way!

What takes up your time when you’re not at work?


Right now a lot of my free time is consumed with school and sports activities for our son. Outside of that I enjoy being outdoors. Some of my favorite activities are biking, hiking, and snowshoeing. And of course spending time with my sweet, silly golden retriever, Bailey, and my kitten, Scrappy!

Just for fun, if you could have dinner with any famous person in the world, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one. I’d probably have two. The first would be Jerry Seinfeld. I saw him recently when he was in Minneapolis, and his show was awesome! Dinner would definitely not be dull!

The second is probably a lesser known person. Morrie Schwartz, the subject of my favorite book, Tuesdays with Morrie. His outlook on life and death is extraordinary.

Jenny supports 265+ employee-owners in their firm success from her ISG office in Mankato, Minnesota.

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