A relator to his peers and everyday learner, Project Manager + Construction Administrator Kirk Moe uses his extensive field experience and entrepreneurial background to help each client’s vision become a reality. When he’s not kicking up dust in the field ensuring project success, you will find him on the lake, year round, fishing with his two kids, Boys & Girls Club, veterans, and friends through his passion-child ProMoe Outdoors. Let’s get to know Kirk.

As a previous entrepreneur, why did you choose to pursue a career in architecture?

As many people know, architecture is extremely diverse which keeps a guy like me intrigued – I constantly like to learn new things. To give input on developing an idea that leads to a design, that is then transformed into reality is pretty exciting. At the end of each project, it’s truly rewarding to visually see the work you've contributed to, which will be around for years to come.

What is the best work-related advice you have been given?

“Never be above any job.” If the trash needs emptying - empty it.  If the floor needs to be swept - sweep it. At the end of the day,  it all has to get done. I try to instill the same ethic in my two kids.


So what's the scoop on your fishing passion, and where is the best spot it has taken you?

As a prostaffer and ambassador for major sponsors and fishing products, I offer guided tours across the Midwest, and beyond. I've had some pretty incredible opportunities to volunteer my time for either a day or full excursion to support the  Boys & Girl's club and local veterans, to name a few. I do not have a favorite location so to speak, but I love to travel to a new destination every year. This past spring, a couple friends and I fly fished near Deckers, Colorado for five days. The views of the mountains were absolutely gorgeous and fly fishing was some of the best in the country. Next on my bucket list would be chasing 10-plus pound walleyes on an ice-covered Lake Erie.


When he's not managing projects of every scale on site or fishing, you can find Kirk in ISG's Des Moines, Iowa office.

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