With a passion for nature,  wildlife, and geography, serving as an Environmental Scientist at ISG is the ideal career for Eva Douma. ISG’s Environmental Group collaborates with clients and designers to develop solutions that ensure a successful site plan while fostering responsible land usage. And as a bonus, the work provides plenty of opportunities for Eva to explore the great outdoors when collecting field data! Let’s learn more about Eva .

In one word, how would you describe your daily profession as an Environmental Scientist, and why?

Diverse. Depending on the project, work is both indoors and outdoors, so the environment changes. There are always new clients to work with too. They bring a refreshing variety of projects and site locations to work on, so each day is interesting.


What other departments does the Environmental Group work with on a day-to-day basis, and in what capacity?

The Environmental Group regularly works with the Civil Engineering department on projects that have GIS needs. Whether Civil Engineering needs a location map, field data collection, or more detailed GIS analysis tools, the Environmental Group helps fill in any information gaps. We build off of each other since successful projects involve a lot of great collaboration.

What is your favorite daily task at ISG?

Anything I get to do with Geographic Information Systems, or GIS. GIS is way to capture, map, and analyze data about geographical features. I like managing data and creating maps, as well as seeing how each site/project is different. It is a great experience getting to put together all of the different information we need ahead of time about a site, and then going out into the field and seeing it in real life!

What brought you to your career as an environmental scientist?

eva-and-fiance-joeMy degree is in Geography and Environmental Studies with a GIS Certificate, and before coming to ISG, I was working for a map making company in Minneapolis. I really enjoy working with maps and natural resources, so when I heard about this position at ISG, it seemed like the best of both worlds. Plus, my boyfriend at the time (now fiancé), Joe, was living in Mankato, and I wanted to be here too.

Random Foodie Question - What is your favorite kind of food, and why?

Soup is the ultimate food. You can pack so many different kinds of food and flavor into one warm bowl, and it’s delicious!

Eva brings an attentive nature and technological expertise to ISG’s Mankato, Minnesota office, guiding environmental solutions across the Midwest.

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