2016 is wrapping up, but it looks like some of the year’s hottest breakout interior design trends are here to stay as we jump into 2017. From fresh approaches to recycled materials and nostalgic flashbacks from earlier years, here’s a list of the top the textures and patterns to watch this season.

1. Distressed Woods

Dumpster diving has never been cooler with worn and salvaged wood textures flipping modern design on its time-table. From reclaimed boards to at-home faux-finishes and distressing techniques, the aged-wood appeal has been one of 2016’s biggest interior trends.

2. Textured Wall Coverings

Burlap, faux-brick, travertine, and other country-chic textures complement rustic design with floor-to-ceiling wall coverings. Unlike the dated wallpaper found in older buildings/homes, these designs can be used to add dynamic interest to modern interior spaces.

3. Retro Patterns

Vintage patterns have reemerged from their 70s glory and are making their way back into modern interior spaces. Whether it’s a case of nostalgia or another nod at the repurpose revolution, these geometric and charmingly colored patterns are helping liven up interiors with fun and funk.

4. Metallics

Interiors are getting their shine on with the comeback of brass, silvers, copper, and corrugated metals. It’s not just about the shimmer, however, as even rusted and aged metals can be used to add dynamic flooring, ceiling, and furniture accents complementing modern industrial design trends. Like others on this list, these metallic features also offer attractive green-design opportunities for repurposed and recycled materials.

5. 2017 Color of The Year: Poised Taupe

Sherwin-Williams just announced Poised Taupe as their top pick for the new year’s hottest wall color. While grey has been the neutral of choice recently, this warmer and more modern shade plays well with the retro patterns, metallic materials, and textured accents also garnering attention this fall.

In love? Trendy interior spaces can help express each home, office, or public’s space’s brand identity, but the trick is knowing how to introduce each element in a way that will withstand the test of time and changing winds of design. Partnering with an industry expert can help establish reasonable goals for incorporating either – or all – of these trends into your space while also protecting project budgets. And that’s an approach that never goes out of style.

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