Brian Gjerde

Meet Brian Gjerde

Vice President, Project Delivery
Brian Gjerde’s career at ISG began in Mankato in 1996 and has since evolved into managing partner and leader in several markets, including commercial. Over the years, Brian has been known for his well-organized approach to project management and ability to develop strong relationships with clients. Brian is well-versed in code-related analysis and the identification of potential structural issues that impact clients, include those in commercial real estate. His experience designing projects utilizing a variety of building and structural systems provides clients cost-effective design solutions and value engineering opportunities without compromising design intent. Brian has also been instrumental in developing ISG’s brand architecture division, working directly with clients to help plan, design, and construct facilities throughout the country.

Articles by Brian Gjerde


Faster, Better, Stronger Commercial Development

New commercial development ventures are exciting not only for the cities and communities who welcome them, but the developers who pioneer such efforts. Before plans are laid out or a ribbon cutting scheduled, the key to success lies in the very early, initial planning stages with four simple, yet critical questions.