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Geographic information system (GIS) technology is much more than just cool maps, and Eric Ertl, ISG GIS Project Manager, is a leader in the industry integrating custom software and solutions in just about every market – all while being outnumbered by females at home and juggling the joys of fatherhood. Let’s get to know Eric and all things GIS.


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I enjoy working on a variety of projects. Every week there is something different; a new challenge and opportunity. GIS is a big support system throughout ISG, so I also get to work with different offices and a wide variety of professionals ranging from water/wastewater engineers and landscape architects, to planners and visualization/marketing leaders.

What is your favorite work memory thus far?

In the past, I would only work specifically with GIS and its basic accompanying software, but at ISG, I had the opportunity to learn a new program called I-form Builder. It’s a mobile data collection software that can be applied to different departments and a wide mix of clients. In short, it standardizes and simplifies data collection which can be used during assessments, inventory analysis, inspections, etc. We had over 35-40 users using the software on one single project, and it positively impacted both the integrity of data and overall process efficiencies.

What is one piece of work-related advice you would give?

Organization is key. With GIS, you have to learn how to keep information organized in addition to thinking ahead to forecast user needs and questions so that it is useful, accurate, and understandable.

What is one thing about you most people would find interesting?

I once used GIS to get out of a $160 traffic ticket. After getting ticketed, I took pictures and created maps to use as my own exhibits in court. I showed the judge why the intersection was confusing and he agreed!

How do you spend your free time?

family portrait of dad, mom, and two babiesFree time is spent with family. I have two young girls and a wife, so I spend most of my time with them. I also enjoy working on home improvement projects. Note: We did not clarify if he maps out each project :) 

Eric leads GIS from ISG’s Minneapolis/St.Paul office, providing superior guidance and support to clients nationwide. For more information on GIS, check out: http://www.is-grp.com/expertise/environmental/geographic-information-systems/

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